Ways To Learn English By Yourself

Ways to learn English by myself
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Is it really possible to learn English by yourself? If you already know some English, this blog will help you improve your ESL skills on your own.

Sometimes it is just not possible to go to an ESL class. Work schedule, family responsibilities, access to transportation, for example. You really want to improve your English, but these factors are in your way. Don’t worry. You can still learn English by yourself.

The article Teach Yourself English goes into this topic in detail. Depending on your personal preference, you can focus on one skill at a time, or you can work on all the skills at one time.

For example, if you only want to improve your conversational English, then you only need to focus on listening skills and speaking skills. Since conversation is both listening to the other person and responding, you need more than speaking skills.

A common concern for ESL learners around listening is that native English speakers speak too fast. Here is an article on How to understand fast English speakers that can help you.

However, if you are in school and want to improve your English writing, you can focus on improving your reading and writing skills. It doesn’t seem immediately obvious that reading can improve your writing. While you are reading, you are familiarizing yourself with a variety of sentence patterns. Even if you are not deliberately studying the patterns, overtime, they become natural to you.

Some ESL students find it hard to read English fast. If this describes you, the tips in the article Reading faster is easier than you think will help.

If you have more free time, and would like to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at the same time, then you can imitate the structure of an ESL class. Work on each of the 4 skills for half an hour. Or, if you prefer, work on 2 skills on Monday and Wednesday, and the other 2 on Tuesday and Thursday. It helps to give your brain a break. So do not study every single day. You’ll be surprised how much you absorb.

If you find this blog helpful, here is another one on Get a free education from online library.

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