How To Get Noticed At Work

What are some reasons we want to get noticed at work? Opportunities? Popularity? Leadership? All are legitimate reasons. At least in the American culture, getting noticed (in good ways) can be advantageous to one’s career. It can lead to promotion or recognition. And being well-liked always feels good. Not a bad career move either. Here are some ideas on how to get noticed at work.

Getting noticed

Being a team player is an easy way to get noticed. Volunteering for projects. Going the extra mile. All of these can be easily implemented if your goal is to get noticed at work.

Being a team player

If you’ve recently read job postings, you’ll notice that “team player” is common under “preferred requirements.” Understandably so. Imagine being among co-workers who are team-players. Your job goes more smoothly. There is less stress, fewer conflicts. Morale is higher. Isn’t that what we want in our work environment? If a company is filled with such employees, it means higher productivity. And what company doesn’t want to have employees who like being there?

Being a team player takes very little effort. For example, a colleague heard about some gadget to increase cyber security. So she bought some products and gave them to her co-workers to protect them. Very inexpensive. But her colleagues appreciate her thoughtfulness.

Or a colleague who brought donuts on one of the busiest days of a project, then sent us an email that there’s fresh donuts in the kitchen. What impression does she leave with us? Thoughtful.

Volunteering for projects

This is one of the easiest ways to get noticed. Sometimes a company asks for volunteers on a variety of interests. There used to be an annual call for someone to be in charge of United Way donation. Not a popular job, right? Well, whoever volunteers for this has access to everyone in the company. Everyone! Isn’t that an opportunity to get noticed? You don’t have to just ask for a contribution. Hang around, chat a little bit. Notice something interesting on the desk of the co-workers. Use this opportunity to make connections throughout the company. And maintain those relationships. If there’s ever an opening in a department you are interested in, you would have an edge .

Go the extra mile

When it makes a difference on a project to go the extra mile, do so. When you explain the extra mile to your boss or to your teammates, do it in a way that shows you want the results to be exceptional for the team. Convey how the extra work adds value to the team. Demonstrate with examples of how they can use the additional work you put into the project.

All of these are easy ways to get noticed in your company. And some of them requires very little effort. Experiment with them and see if you like the results.

One other thing. If you have a brilliant idea that can improve the company’s profit, reduce the cost, or improve a process, think about sharing it. The article How to make suggestions to your company goes into depth on this topic.

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