Guide to Making Explanations Clear

making explanations clear

Many of us can improve on the skill of being clear. This is especially true when we are speaking in a foreign language. This blog, Guide to making explanations clear, will offer tips to make you a better communicator.

One way is by observing. If you enjoy watching TV, you can use this to improve clarity. Movie scripts are often available online. Because the story of the movie has to be told within such a short time, every word counts. The message of the dialogues have to be clear to the audience.

By studying the script, or just by watching the movie, and observing the dialogues, you can identify what makes the message clear. The more you look for the process of this clarity, the better you’ll become yourself. Just like by watching a chef cooks, you can learn a thing or two.

Another good way to practice explaining yourself clearly is by joining Toastmasters. You will learn to be concise in your speech, whether it is a one minute speech or a 7 minute speech. You’ll learn different kinds of speech. After your presentation, you will receive constructive feedback on how you can improve. Everyone has a task at the meeting, whether it’s to make sure your 7 minute speech is only 7 minute, or if your grammar is correct.

This is an organization open to everyone. There is a small fee when you join, partly to pay for the material you’ll be studying. However, when you visit the first few times, it is free. My recommendation is to visit a few groups to see which one you feel comfortable with, then join one. The atmosphere is a supportive one. Everyone is there to improve their skills. And they are at the same time supporting you on your journey to becoming a better speaker.

The article How to explain yourself clearly offers some additional helpful tips on how you can explain yourself more clearly.

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