What To Do For Thanksgiving in Seattle

Thanksgiving by Sarah Pflug

If you are wondering what to do for Thanksgiving in Seattle, this blog offers some ideas.

Some people like to get together with friends.   If you haven’t received an invitation, you can invite some friends to your home for Thanksgiving dinner.   But if you don’t feel like cooking, some restaurants are open.   The article What to do for your first American Thanksgiving Holiday includes links to those restaurants.   If you enjoy a more upscale experience, there are those restaurants as well.

There are quite a few outdoor activities to enjoy.   One of them is the Christmas ship.    You can either go on the Argosy cruise, or you can simply enjoy the caroling for free from the shore.   If you want to be on the ship, here is a fun article by Kristin Kendle.   And if you want to be on the shore, huddling up to a bonfire, here is the schedule for the days when the Christmas ship comes to your area.   It includes the choir that will be performing on each evening, and the time the ship is expected to arrive in your city.

Another fun activity that especially children would enjoy is visiting the reindeer at Swanson Nursery.   Their Reindeer Festival  is from November 10 to December 24.   There are also presentations to learn about these special animals from Monday to Friday at 11 am, and on the weekends at 11 am and 4 pm.

And although this next one is not right in Seattle, it is worth a trip to Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival.   Here is a short YouTube clip.   Leavenworth is known as one of the places with the most Christmas atmosphere in the U.S.   In fact, so many visit Leavenworth this time of year that there is more than one lighting ceremony.   November 30, December 1-2, 7-9, 14-16 in 2018.  You can read more about this event here.

These are just a few activities to enjoy this Thanksgiving.   You can find a lot more in the article What to do for your first American Thanksgiving.

I wish you a wonderful time this Thanksgiving holiday!


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