How To Feel Good In Seattle Winter Months

If you have been through a Seattle winter, and wished you were someplace else, you may find this blog helpful.   Some people like winter months in the Northwest, but some find it a gloomy place to be in those dark winter days.

If you are affected by the overcast sky, and notice a difference in your mood and energy level, read on.

Winter would probably be easier for you if you already have friends here.   But if you haven’t made friends yet, and you are learning the language here, here are some tips for you.

Get a full-spectrum light that’s 10,000 Lux.    This is simulated sunlight that would affect your mood.   Almost immediately.   The article How to survive Seattle Winter goes into this topic in detail.  You can visit the Verilux website.   I’ve also seen it in BedBathBeyond, which often offers 20% off coupons.

It’s natural to want to stay indoor when it rains (unless you love walking in the rain!)   But if you don’t know anyone here, and are feeling a bit down because of the weather, you might consider getting out of the house.   Even a short walk outside can change your mood quickly.

Interacting with others will help a great deal, especially if you are an extrovert.   If you are new here, having that connection feels uplifting, even if it’s just a smile.   Find indoor events that are interesting to you.   It’s easier to make friends with those who share your interests.

Here’s something you can experiment with.    I heard this from journalist Jean Enersen many years ago.  She heard that smiling can shift our mood.   What if you don’t find anything to smile about?   Try this.   Put a pencil or pen between your teeth.   Your mouth is now in almost a smile position.   If you hold it there for a little bit longer, you might actually start feeling better.  Your body thinks you are smiling, and your mood changes.

These are just a few short tips.   You can read the rest in How to survive Seattle Winter.

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