How To Make Friends Easily In Seattle

How to make friends easily in Seattle
How to make friends easily in Seattle. Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst.

If you are new to Seattle, you’ll find that it’s a friendly city. Many people are helpful to strangers. Especially if you are a tourist, you’ll probably get lots of recommendation on where to eat, what to see. What if you are here to stay, and want to build a community of friends, but don’t know anyone? Here are some ideas on how to make friends easily in Seattle.

Ways to make friends in Seattle

Ways for parents to make friends

If you have young children, it would be easier for you to make friends. Children make friends easily. Go where children play. Their parents will be there. It would be easy to start a conversation with the other parents. Especially if your child is playing with theirs. Already, you have a common topic. If you go to the same playground regularly, over time, you can build up a friendship. Perhaps set up a play date for your children. Then while the children are playing, you can be connecting with a new friend.

How to make friends if you moved here by yourself

What if you don’t have children and are here all by yourself? Getting to know a few people you see regularly will help you feel more connected in a new city. This can include people who work in the grocery store you shop in, those who work in your bank, for example. The article How to make friends with your neighbors go into this topic in depth.

How to make friends at work

Let’s say you are already working here. Find a few co-workers that you feel comfortable with, suggest that a few of you go for pizza after work. Or maybe watch a game together at your home. That’s how one client whose job sent him here for 2 years make new friends. He loves football. And some co-workers invited him to join them at a sports bar to watch the game together. He felt connected quickly.

Explore groups that you are interested in. has many groups that are specific to photography, hiking, walking, language practice, business networking, parents of toddlers. There is such a variety there that very likely, you’ll find at least one of interest to you. And if you can’t find any, you can start your own meetup group on the website.

Here are just a few ideas to help you get started. Again, the article How to make friends with your neighbors would offer you more examples.

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