How Do You Adjust To a New Culture More Easily?

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Moving to another country is quite an adjustment. Especially if the language is different, and you are not familiar with the culture. It’s more simple if you by yourself. But what if you have children? They too are leaving their friends and classmates behind. They don’t know anyone in the new country, just like you. So how do you adjust to a new culture more easily? And help your children too?

First, help yourself feel as good as you can. When you feel great, you are able to give more energy to another. So think of the activities you like to do in your country. Which ones can you do here? Do those activities. Are there certain foods that make you feel at home? That comfort you? Eat those. Are there people you can talk to that always uplift you? Can you call them? Talk to them on Skype? Do a video chat?

When everything else is new, having something familiar that comforts you is very helpful in such a major transition. That’s why helping yourself feel good is so important.

In the same way, your children also need something familiar to comfort them. Activities they enjoy such as playgrounds, sports. Help them find others who also enjoy these activities. It’ll be easier for them to make friends this way.

And if you’ve been working in your country, but do not yet have a work visa here, there are things you can do now to prepare. Find groups in your profession locally. Attend their events. If you like the group, go regularly so you build relationships with others in your field. When you receive your work permit, you would have made helpful connections who may know of jobs that you qualify for.

The article Tips for a smooth cultural adjustment goes into great depth on this topic.

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