Fun Things To Do Before New School Year

fun things to do before new school year
Fun things to do before new school year. Photo by Dhvani Patel on Unsplash.

A new school year is almost here. The weather is wonderful, and you want to spend time doing more fun things before the summer is over. Here are some ideas on some fun things to do before the new school year begins.

Fun things to do before going back to school

Outings at the beach

Going to the beach is a wonderful way to spend the day. Some of them are not just for swimming. They also have hiking trails. And usually those trails are fairly easy. If you are bringing young children, most beaches have picnic tables and BBQ areas so you can have fun cooking together.

Some beaches also have fire pits, so you can build a fire, roast marshmallow around the fire, and enjoy the warmth. There usually are regulations about the kind of wood you can burn, and what you cannot burn.

The article Beautiful beaches in Seattle goes into more details about several beaches just 30 minutes from the city.

Meet the neighbors with a casual get-together

A friend of mine recently moved to a new neighborhood. She wants to meet the neighbors, but they seem rather private. She has a daughter who wants to play with children her own age. So we were chatting about this one afternoon, and came up with an idea. What if they were to host a get-together, and invite neighbors to join them for desserts?

If you are in a similar situation, this could be a fun thing to do. For one, you get to know your neighbors better. And two, your children would find new friends who probably go to their same school.

The article How to make friends with your neighbors offers more ideas on the topic.

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