Summer Fun in Seattle

Summer fun in Seattle
Summer fun in Seattle. Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst.

Seattle is one of the best places to be in the summer. It’s not hot like some parts of the country, and despite our fame for rain, summer is almost always sunny. In this blog, I will suggest some summer fun in Seattle.

Outdoor family fun in Seattle

Since we are immersed and surrounded by nature, we will start here. If you like to walk or hike, there are so many trails in or near Seattle. Many of them are reachable by public transportation! Bob Dreisbach, author of Seattle Outdoors: Hiking & Cycling–Puget Sound and Cascades, has gone on over 800 hikes by the time he wrote this book at age 83. And he went on many of them by bus.

Visit the islands

If you want to be near water, take a ferry to any of the islands nearby, such as Vashon, Bainbridge, Whidbey for a visit. And if you have more time, visit the San Juan Islands. Even if you don’t take a care, it’s known as one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world. And if you do take your car, you’ll need to leave from Anacortes to Shaw, Lopez, Orcas, or San Juan Island. In the summer time, go early. Really early. Once the ferry is full, they can’t take any more cars. You’ll have to wait for the next ferry. But experiencing the islands is well worth it.


Whale watching is another activity. You can either go on a whale watching tour, or you can go to Friday Harbor, and drive to Lime Kiln Point State Park and just wait. It’s considered as one of the best whale watching spots. Pods pass through this area from May to September.

Arts and music festivals

If you like festivals, you are in luck. Bellevue Arts Festival is a big annual event with over 300 artists. It is so popular that you can expect traffic jam on these 3 days if you are going to downtown Bellevue. Later in the summer is Bumbershoot, another popular festival held at Seattle Center. You can read more about these festivals in the article Festivals in Seattle for Summer 2019.

Whatever you decide, do go outside this time of year. It is the best time to be in Seattle.

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