Explore Seattle in Springtime

explore Seattle in springtime
Explore Seattle in springtime. Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst.

There is a reason why people are drawn to Seattle, in addition to the tech companies here. It’s the abundant natural beauty in this area. You don’t even need to leave the city to enjoy nature. Drive just 30 minutes or an hour, and you can be hiking trails that make you leave stress behind. This blog offers just a few ideas of where to go. There are plenty more trails, depending on the level of difficulty you enjoy. The weather is getting nicer and nicer now. Go and explore Seattle in springtime!

Trails in Seattle

Let’s start from the city. Local author Bob Dreisbach has been on over 800 hikes by the time he wrote his book at 83. Seattle Outdoors: Hiking & Cycling Puget Sound & Cascades is a comprehensive guide. He took the bus to get to these trails. He includes nature walks and trails in the city and other interesting places to see.

Nature walks and hikes with no crowd

The Arboretum is a well managed park with 230 acres. You’ll find plants here that you won’t find anywhere else. The article Seattle hikes for families go into details on this. This is a family friendly walk. So you don’t have to worry about the degree of difficulty for younger ones.

Another trail is located in Edmonds, within 30 minutes from downtown Seattle. Meadowdale Park trail is similar to Snoqualmie Falls in degree of difficulty, except that this is not crowded at all. Again, the article Seattle hikes for families provides more information on this hike.

Easy trails for children

Just an hour or so away from Bellevue is Franklin Falls. This is a very well-maintained trail that’s suitable for children as well. If you plan to walk down to the waterfall at the end of the trail, bring an extra pair of shoes to change into when you come back.

Local authors KJ and Maria wrote Go Strollers !!: Stroll around the beautiful nature of Seattle Washington with strollers. Their intention is for families with young children to explore the beauty scenery of the Pacific Northwest. When they wrote the book, their children were 5 and 7 years old. They have tested the hikes before listing them in their book.

These are just a few of the many trails to explore. There are books on easy hikes for children and more difficult trails for the advanced hikers. If you have visited places you would like to recommend, please email support@englisharoundtheworld.com

If you find this blog helpful, here is one on Little known places to explore in Seattle.

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