Creating Community at Work

Creating community at work
Creating community at work. Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst.

We all want to have a workplace that feels good to us. Wouldn’t it be nice to come to work feeling like we are coming to see our friends? How would our life be different? And when we go home, how would our home life be different having spent a day in this kind of work environment? This blog addresses the topic of creating community at work.

Perhaps you think it’s hard enough to create this kind of work atmosphere when you speak the same language, share the same country. Now you are adding potential cultural differences. Wouldn’t that be even more challenging?

How to create community at work

The article Fostering cultural understanding at work goes into examples of how several women have successfully created the kind of environment for themselves that feel nourishing to them. Each of them came from another country, and were considered “newbie” in their environment. Two of them were in entry-level positions. Yet, each of them not only created an environment where they feel belonged and connected, but in the process, helped their co-workers to experience the feeling of community that many of us want in our workplace.

Building a circle of friends is easier than you think

A key message from the article Fostering cultural understanding at work is being unintentional. Yes, you read that correctly. Unintentional. At least two of the people who successfully created a feeling of community in their workplace did not intend to do so. It happened while they were being themselves. The third person might have deliberately created the community to help her adjust to the new culture. And the way she went about it was natural. Nothing we wouldn’t do with our friends. I invite you to click here to read the stories of how each of these women create community at work for themselves.

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