Little Known Places to Explore in Seattle

little known places to explore in Seattle
little known places to explore in Seattle

After the snow storms we’ve had in Seattle, it would be nice to go outside again. Here are some little known places to explore in Seattle.

Little known places to explore in Seattle

Where to explore near downtown Bellevue

If you live on the Eastside, there are two small parks near downtown Bellevue that very few people visit. One is Chism Beach Park, literally 5 minutes from Bellevue Square. The address is 9600 SE 11th St. It won’t feel like you are driving to a park because of the residential area, but then you make a right turn, and there is this quiet place overlooking Lake Washington. There is no crowd here. Nice place to bring your lunch here during the week if you work downtown.

Another quiet place is Medina Beach Park at 501 Evergreen Point Rd, Medina. It’s right next to the police station, overlooking Lake Washington. The park is very small, and there is a dock with a bench, where you can relax and admire the skyline of Seattle.

An easy trail to bring your children

If you want to venture out farther, go to Franklin Falls for a hike. It’s Exit 52 on I-90 East. The trail is easy enough for children. At the end of the trail is the waterfall. If you are feeling adventurous, climb down the big rocks so you can get splashed by the spray. Do bring a change of socks and shoes, so you can drive home in comfort.

Where to explore in Seattle

Boathouse communities

If you live in the Seattle side, there are houseboat communities on Lake Union. The houseboat where Tom Hanks stayed in the movie Sleepless in Seattle is on this lake. The article Hidden gems in Seattle goes into locations of these communities.

Afternoon tea

If you want to enjoy afternoon tea in a British atmosphere, try Queen Mary Tea Room. Make a reservation if you plan to have lunch or high tea with a friend. But if you want to just drop by for a pot of tea and dessert, you don’t need one. This place can get busy, so you might give them a call before you drop by. And down the street from the tea room is their tea emporium, filled with pretty things that children and adults alike would enjoy.

You can read more about little known places to explore in Hidden gems in Seattle.

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