Easier Ways To Study A Foreign Language

Easier ways to study a foreign language
Easier ways to study a foreign language. Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst.

Learning a language does not need to be difficult. In fact, it can be easier than you think. Whether you are learning English to fulfill a school requirement or to become fluent so you can communicate with more people, you can make the learning easier on yourself. Attitude helps a great deal. So does using techniques that enhance the learning experience. Here are easier ways to study a foreign language.

First, let’s look at attitude. Dr. Wayne Dyer said that if we change the way we look at things, those things would feel different to us. How do we apply this to learning?

Let’s say you are required to study a foreign language because you have to meet a credit requirement. You are not crazy about learning this language, so you are not really enjoying the time you spend on this activity. What if you have a different goal with this language? Perhaps to someday travel to a country that speaks this language? Meet new people? Those are more interesting goals compared to meeting a school requirement in order to pass a test. What if you make THESE your goals–to visit a country and meet friends that speak this language?

Now your attitude has shifted to a potentially fun adventure or friendship. Let’s take this a bit further.

What if instead of just learning the language the way the class is conducted, you add a fun component to it? There are meetup groups specific to practicing certain language. Does this group exist? If not, can you create one? One of my clients go to a Japanese-English practice group. Once a week, they meet in a different restaurant. For the first hour, everyone speaks in English. For the second hour, everyone speaks in Japanese.

And if you live near a university, check out the bulletin board at the student center. Is anyone looking for someone to trade language practice? If so, this would be a fun way to meet new friends and use what you are learning.

These are just some ideas to make language learning easier. There are also techniques that would make this process more enjoyable and less of a chore. The article How to remember your English learning goes into the topic in depth. Even though the article was written for English learners, you can use the same principles.

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