Best Time To Buy Big Ticket Items

If you recently moved to Seattle, you’ll notice that lots of people are making good use of Black Friday sales. But is this the best time to buy everything? For big ticket items, there could be a better time to shop. Here are some tips on the best time to buy big ticket items.

When to buy big-ticket items

Best time to buy a house

Maybe you are thinking about settling down for good in Seattle, and you want to invest in a house. When is the best time to buy a home? According to Geoff Williams in U.S. News and World Report, the best months to buy a home is in March, August, or December. There is more variety in inventory in March. August’s listings come from serious sellers.

Good months to buy a car

And at some point you might want to buy a car. When is a good time to make that purchase? Most sales team have goals for each month, each quarter, and each year. If you go at the end of December, you cover all 3 bases. Plus, there are often year-end sales. The year’s highest discount off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is in December. So all these factors give you a good chance of getting the best deal.

But December is not the only time to get a good price on cars. September is also a good month. It’s the end of the third quarter, so you get end-of-quarter deals. Plus, the new year’s models are starting to arrive, so there’ll be steep discount on the previous year’s cars.

When to buy clothes for big discounts

What about clothing? You’re in Seattle and you need clothes for the 4 seasons. End of season is a good time to shop. August, September, and October are good months to stock up on summer clothes, sandals. Even camping equipment, and sports gear.

Best time to buy appliances

Appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, air-conditioning units, have better pricing toward the end of the year. New models come out out in November, so there are good discounts from Labor Day weekend through October. Some of those discounts are 30% to 40%. Not bad for big ticket items.

Buy new furniture for a good price

And if you want to buy new furniture, wait for February and August. That is because showrooms start displaying new furniture around the end of winter and around the end of summer. So you’d get better deals if you buy at those times.

Where to buy everyday items for a good price

What if you don’t need to buy big ticket items, but would still like discounts throughout the year on everyday items? The article Where to find bargains in Seattle year round goes into more depth on the topic.

I hope the information in this blog helps you save money in your first year in Seattle. If you find this blog helpful, here is one on Helpful Tips for Cultural Adjustment.

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