How To Build Confidence In Learning English

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When learning English,it’s much more enjoyable if you feel successful along the way.  This blog addresses the topic of how you can build confidence in your English learning.

For example, do you know anyone learning English who feels shy when speaking to a native English speaker?   She probably hesitates in her sentence, wanting to make sure she has the correct grammar.  But if you know someone learning English who does not care if she makes grammatical mistakes, the conversation with her flows.   Which person would you like to listen to?   Probably the second one.   It’s much more enjoyable interacting with her.

How to build confidence in your English learning

The article, How Confidence Affects Language Learning, gave several examples of how to build confidence in your English learning.

One of the tips is not caring if you make a mistake.   You might find this hard if you are in an English class.   So start with some place easier.   Next time you shop at a store you seldom visit, practice on the sales associate.   Take on the attitude that you’ve been speaking English for a long time, and chat with her.   Since you probably won’t see her again, what she thinks of your English is unimportant.   Look for opportunities like this, and notice how your confidence increases over time.

Another tip the article shares is to assume others understand your English.  As an experiment, observe the behavior of an ESL learner who assumes others understand her English.   Then observe someone who does not.   You’ll notice a difference in their body language.   That attitude can make a difference in building confidence when you are learning English.

You can read the entire article of How Confidence Affects Language Learning.

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