Volunteering At Thanksgiving In Seattle

Volunteering at Thanksgiving in Seattle
Volunteering at Thanksgiving in Seattle. Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst.

Are you thinking about volunteering at Thanksgiving this year? This is the most popular day of the year to volunteer. Some organizations have already reached full capacity because of the influx of volunteers on this day. Some families and groups make a commitment to return to the same organization year after year to help out on this holiday. So if you have your heart set on helping out on this special day, here are some tips on volunteering at Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Call now to register as a volunteer. Don’t just show up on Thanksgiving Day expecting that there’ll be room for you to help. Even though it’s over a month away, some organizations serving meals have already filled their needs for volunteers. SeattleWorks.org has a volunteer calendar. You might do part of your research there.

An article written by Kenneth Wirth recommends that you consider some things before you volunteer on Thanksgiving Day. Just because your help might not be need on this day doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer for the same organizations on other days. Like after Thanksgiving. Actually, some organizations serve meals every day of the year to the needy. And they need your help. Kenneth suggests Community Lunch on Capital Hill, Bread of Life, Jubilee Women’s Center, and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission are among the organizations that would appreciate your help. There are others too, of course. Perhaps because they are lesser know, those organizations need even more volunteers than these better known ones.

But serving meals isn’t the only way you can help. Those without shelter need items such as personal hygiene, clothes, baby supplies, rain coats, shoes, just to name a few. Mary’s Place Seattle is one of the places you can donate these items. Make-up and bedding are also popular demands.

You can host a clothing drive. Maybe fulfill a child’s wish list through YouthCare.

These are just a few ideas. If you want to research further, the article Where can I volunteer in Seattle lists a number of places where your time is appreciated.

Remember, whether your can volunteer on Thanksgiving Day or not, your time is always welcomed by organizations that rely on volunteers to carry out their charitable missions.

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