New Year Resolutions For ESL Learners

Many people set goals at the beginning of a year. You may already have written down yours. If you happen to be learning English as well, here are some possible new year resolutions for ESL learners.

Suggested Goals for ESL learners

If you are living in a country that speaks English, learning English would probably be faster for you. That’s because you are surrounded by the language you are learning. TV, radio, conversations in coffee shop, everyday shopping. Even so, for those who watch TV in their native language, speak mostly their own language except in ESL class, this is not necessarily the case. But there is something you can do.

One of the blogs I’ve written before is on Easier ways to study a foreign language. Remember hearing your teachers and parents say “study hard?” I think a better advice is “study more efficiently” because the ultimate goal is mastery of the language. If there is an easier way to get to your goal, why not take that route?

Another article is about How to remember your English learning. You have probably heard a classmate say “I do study, but I can’t remember what I learned.” This article goes into how you can change that so you can proudly say “I do remember the English I learn.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you know how to learn English effectively? That’s the most efficient way of doing anything. And if you need to master the language for school or for work, this article goes into depth on the topic.

If you are interested in grammar, these two articles would be very helpful for you. One talks about how to master English prepositions by yourself, so even if you are not taking an ESL class, you can be your own tutor. The other article recommends the best grammar books for English learners.

And just a bit off the topic, but not too much. If you moved here because your spouse is an international employee, and you don’t know anyone here, there are things you can do to help yourself. The article Tips for spouses of international employees goes into depth on this topic.

I hope the links I include in this blog will help you move forward in your goals for mastering your English even more this year.

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